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Down On The Corner

Poster - printed by WAX Posters on acid free paper with fade resistant ink.

“That shot was one of several I did on the street, at Balboa Island, in the summer of 75, just as I was beginning the Skate series. I was shooting some kids that were hot-dogging on the street on the sidelines of a small skate contest. I had no idea who they were. A few years later, someone saw this photo and asked if I knew who that kid was. I said no. He said it was Danny Kwock, who went on in the 80s to be a top surfer in the Newport area, and surfed for Quicksilver. Now he is the president of Quicksilver entertainment. He is a very cool guy.” Hugh Holland

24 x 36 inches
60.96 x 91.44 centimeters

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